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Why taking psychedelics is a lot like scuba diving & important message for aspiring psychedelic guides

I love scuba diving. The dives I made in Indonesia, Colombia and the Galapagos are among my most memorable and cherished traveling moments. What makes diving so special is not just the visual experience of seeing spectacular underwater life – I vividly remember seeing manta rays, sharks, turtles, coral reefs… thousands of brightly colored fish – but there’s a very rich embodied experience to diving. The feeling of being under water, of breathing under water… of weightlessly floating in a vast space… To be able to briefly visit this beautiful underwater world and be totally immersed in it – while not having any control of what you may encounter there – is magical... thrilling. It’s an experience that you can read about all you want but that you will only truly understand in its full embodied glory after you put on that scuba gear, jump in the water and descend into the unknown.

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Farewell letter to the OPEN Foundation

After 15 years of service, I recently resigned from the board of the OPEN Foundation. In these words of goodbye, I’d like to share some personal reflections on the foundation’s (and to some extent, my own) journey into adulthood, as well as some of my hopes for the future. 

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